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Poconos Weather
Poconos, PA Weather Forecast
Local Weather News, Weather Forecast, Radar for Poconos PA

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Jan Average High - 35
Jan Average Low - 16

Feb Average High - 39
Feb Average Low - 17

Mar Average High - 49
Mar Average Low - 26

Apr Average High - 61
Apr Average Low - 36

May Average High - 72
May Average Low - 46

Jun Average High - 80
Jun Average Low - 55

Jul Average High - 85
Jul Average Low - 59

Aug Average High - 83
Aug Average Low - 58

Sep Average High - 75
Sep Average Low - 50

Oct Average High - 64
Oct Average Low - 38

Nov Average High - 51
Nov Average Low - 30

Dec Average High - 40

On Average: Records:
July is the warmest month.
January is the coolest month.
May is the wettest month.
February is the driest month.


The highest recorded temperature was 110°F in June of 1933.
The lowest recorded temperature was -25°F in January of 1961.


Depending on what outdoor activity you're interested in, the Poconos is a year-round getaway. Winter offers an array of snow-related activities such as skiing and snowboarding. Spring and summer are popular with hikers, horseback riders, and rafters. Autumn attracts crowds for the kaleidoscope of fall foliage in the mountains. Winters can get quite cold, with average highs barely touching the freezing mark, while summers see temperatures in the upper 70s. Remember that nights at high altitudes can be cold during any season.